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Ensuring the team member understands what is expected

Delegating by ensuring that individuals understand what is required helps facilitate a successful result: the work is done correctly, and the individuals gain the benefits of a new experience and increased confidence and responsibility.

This program develops the skills and abilities in team members by clearly communicating expectations and encouraging participation and involvement. It establishes a team member’s responsibility and authority for a delegated task – creating a framework for accountability and personal growth.



Participants completing Delegating will be able to

  • Understand the importance of effective delegation as well as the problems associated with the lack of delegating or delegating poorly.
  • Communicate both the need for and the “why” of every delegated assignment and task.
  • Use delegation as a powerful motivational tool.         
  • Use delegation to improve team members’ skills.
  • Encourage team member participation and involvement through proper delegating methods.
  • Establish a team member’s responsibility and authority for a delegated task.
  • Regularly monitor progress through feedback and review.

Offered in Classroom, On-line, or Blended Formats.
Classroom Time: 4 hours
On-line Time: 2 hours


Training Options

With most programs in Vital Learning’s Leadership Development series, you have three delivery options:

  • Purchase the facilitator kits and teach the modules yourself
  • Hire SEA Consulting to provide on-site training
  • Train your supervisors using the on-line seminars

Please contact Nelson Scott to determine which training option is best for you.


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