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Leadership Development
(From Vital Learning)

“Leadership is unlocking people's
potential to become better."

– Bill Bradley, Former US Senator
and Championship Basketball Player

Do supervisors in your organization:

  • struggle to resolve conflict among employees?
  • inefficiently hold power rather than delegate to others on their team?
  • give employee feedback that doesn't seem to improve performance?
  • frequently hire people who do not succeed at the job, or stay?
  • throw change at people rather than lead them effectively through it?
  • fail to get the best out of their team?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is “yes”, Vital Learning's Leadership Development Curriculum will help. The curriculum is relevant, flexible, results-oriented, and value-driven.

For nearly a quarter of a century, organizations around the world have trusted the Vital Learning Leadership Development Curriculum to enhance the performance and productivity of leaders – from team leaders, to supervisors, to managers. These leaders are at the very centre of their organizations, holding the strategy and management direction from above in alignment with the staff and front line employees’ operations below. They are the glue that determines how well any organization succeeds.

Vital Learning's Leadership Development Curriculum focuses on the core skills and strategies that mid-level leaders require to successfully address the wide range of “recurring management challenges” they face. From hiring, to leading projects, to resolving conflict, to setting goals and standards, and providing effective feedback, the Leadership Development Curriculum helps leaders successfully address these challenges, and more.

The curriculum reflects the growing range of responsibilities for which mid-level leadership is accountable.  There are 17 different programs that cover these critical challenges.

Training Options

With most programs in Vital Learning’s Leadership Development series, you have three delivery options:

  • Purchase the facilitator kits and teach the modules yourself
  • Hire SEA Consulting to provide on-site training
  • Train your supervisors using the on-line seminars

Contact Nelson Scott to determine which training option is best for you.

Click here to sample one of
Vital Learning’s modules on-line for free!

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Courses available:

Leadership Essentials

Essential Skills of Leadership

Essential Skills of Communicating

Coaching Job Skills

Communicating Up


Developing Performance Goals and Standards

Effective Discipline

Improving Work Habits

Managing Complaints

Providing Performance Feedback

Resolving Conflicts

Supporting Change


Leadership Plus

Developing and
Coaching Others

Hiring Winning Talent

Retaining Winning Talent

Motivating Team Members

Solving Workplace Problems

Leading Successful Projects

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