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Improve Staff Retention Without Spending Buckets of Money

Faced with the challenge of finding and keeping good people, many organizations conclude that more money is the solution.  It isn’t!  Most organizations can’t afford to spend more to encourage staff to stay.  More importantly, there is little evidence that money is effective in creating staff loyalty.  The real answer lies in simple, low-cost techniques that let employees know they are valued and appreciated for what they do and achieve.

During this seminar, you will:

  • discover why staff retention is important
  • calculate the tangible and intangible costs of staff turnover
  • identify why employees leave organizations
  • discover why cash is an ineffective tool for retaining staff
  • develop strategies to retain staff
  • learn how to use exit interviews to retain staff



Your Options

The program descriptions found on this website are meant only as a starting point.  Nelson will work with you to create the presentation that best meets your requirements.

Most programs can be offered as a keynote, a convention break-out, or a half- or full-day workshop . . . or even longer.


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