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Staff Recognition: One Piece at a Time

Recognizing staff is like putting together a simple jigsaw puzzle: easy enough that  a young child could do it, but with a message so powerful that supervisors everywhere should think about its five components every day.  To be most meaningful to the recipient, recognition should be genuine, relevant, timely, specific and personalized.  As each piece is fitted into the puzzle, the picture of appreciation becomes more complete; the message of thanks grows stronger.  Even before all the pieces are in place, recipients understand that they themselves and what they do are valued. 

During this presentation, you will:

  • Discover what you can do to make recognition GREAT
    • Genuine – the essential component of meaningful recognition
    • Relevant – matching recognition to what the organization says is important
    • Explicit  –  describing the behaviour that is valued
    • Appropriate  –  avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach
    • Timely  –  acting before the memory of the moment fades
  • Distinguish among formal, informal and day-to-day recognition
  • Plan to increase recognition in your workplace
  • Identify why, when and how to recognize staff
  • Develop strategies to implement meaningful recognition
  • Identify and remove barriers to increased staff recognition
  • Review the theoretical and research basis for staff recognition
  • Learn at least a hundred simple, easy-to-implement, no-cost, low-cost ways to recognize staff



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