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Interview Right to Hire Right

Hire the right person for every position . . . every time. Apply what you already know about what makes top performers successful to the hiring process.  When you ask the right questions in the right way, the answers help you predict which candidate has what it takes to succeed.

During this seminar, you will:

  • link the hiring process to the on-the-job success of your top performers
  • discover the principles of Behaviour Description Interviewing (BDI) and why BDI works
  • compare BDI with 3 other more traditional approaches to interviewing
  • develop strategies to structure interviews so candidates will open up during the interview
  • practice a 3-step process for writing interview questions
  • identify questions that violate human rights legislation
  • master 8 techniques to probe for additional information to get beyond candidates’ superficial, well-rehearsed answers
  • learn 7 reasons interviews go wrong and 6 ways to keep them on track
  • learn to conduct reference checks that will yield high quality information to assist you to make hiring decisions
    learn how to decide who to hire and advise candidates of your decision
  • be prepared to respond when asked, “Why didn’t I get the job?”



Your Options

The program descriptions found on this website are meant only as a starting point.  Nelson will work with you to create the presentation that best meets your requirements.

Most programs can be offered as a keynote, a convention break-out, or a half- or full-day workshop . . . or even longer.


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