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Loyal for Life

(developed by Service Quality Institute)

How does your organization or employees handle mistakes?  Can they take an unhappy customer from hell to heaven in 60 seconds or less?

Anyone can make a mistake when serving customers.  When a customer problem occurs, it’s how you respond – “recover’ – that can salvage a bad experience.  Loyal for Life prepares employees to handle upset or angry customers skillfully.  Participants will master service recovery, learn how to use empowerment, and be able to identify customer problems and solve them quickly.  They will learn how to prevent customers from defecting – how to keep them loyal for life!

Loyal For Life is a single session, video-based program. Its design allows the session to be implemented in four hours. Its content focuses on service recovery and empowerment.  Each participant will receive a 96-page manual, a service recovery technique card, and a certificate of accomplishment.


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