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Supporting Change

Facilitating acceptance of a new way of doing things

Supporting Change helps managers learn to understand and to interpret change. By understanding it, managers can more clearly communicate change to their team. This clear communication helps to reduce misunderstanding and anxiety. It also helps the change initiative gain acceptance more quickly ó minimizing lost productivity and decreased performance.

This program provides the tools managers need to understand and interpret change and to successfully manage their team through it. By working to support change while addressing the teamís comfort level with that change, the manager can more effectively facilitate acceptance of a new way to handling issues.


Participants completing Supporting Change will be able to:

  • Understand and interpret change and its impact on team members.
  • View change and the anxiety it can cause team members as natural and inevitable.
  • Assist team members as they adjust to change.
  • Involve team members in the process of change.
  • Help team members make the change.
  • Follow up on the initial meeting to make sure adjustment to the change is going as planned.

Model: CELEAD0303-11
Price: $63.00 + GST

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