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Resolving Conflicts

Building a foundation to achieve the organizationís strategic goal

Resolving Conflicts shows that although conflicts in the workplace may be unavoidable, their effect on business can be controlled. By understanding the signs of conflict and by getting to the root cause, managers can eliminate the issue and minimize the impact, preserving the integrity of the team and demonstrating a commitment to individual performance and growth.

This program develops the skills to identify the source of team member conflicts. Using effective communication and management techniques, managers can help individuals understand another point of view and move beyond the conflict.


Participants completing Resolving Conflicts will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the two major sources of team member conflicts: personality clashes and work structure problems.
  • Be aware of the positive and negative impacts of conflicts.
  • Accept conflict as an inevitable part of all work situations, one that must be dealt with, not ignored.
  • Establish a co-operative atmosphere to resolve conflicts when they arise.
  • Help individuals involved in conflicts understand each otherís point of view.
  • Lead them to agree on the facts and a solution.

Model: CELEAD0303-10
Price: $63.00 + GST

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