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Improving Work Habits

Effectively addressing issues before they develop into disciplinary problems

Improving Work Habits shows managers how to clearly and specifically communicate the nature of the problem. It provides a process for working with the individual to develop a plan for addressing the issue, while maintaining the individualís self-esteem

Discussing such concerns as absenteeism, language issues, and dress and grooming habits can be a difficult but necessary part of leading a team. Just like other aspects of team leadership, correcting work habits that need improvement require careful attention and skill.


Participants completing Improving Work Habits will be able to:

  • Distinguish between job performance and work habits. Understand the importance of dealing with unsatisfactory work habits early, before they require disciplinary action.
  • Explain clearly and specifically to a team member the nature of his/her unsatisfactory work habits, focusing on behaviour rather than personality or attitude.
  • Involve the team member in the process of correcting the unsatisfactory behaviour through an interactive process, which maintains the team memberís self-esteem.
  • Increase team member accountability by encouraging team member commitment to a clear plan of action and by reviewing progress regularly.

Model: CELEAD0303-06
Price: $63.00 + GST

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