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Communicating Up

Understanding the manager's style and environment

Communicating Up is important because today managers are busier than ever before and more in need of good advice and information. Team leaders can help their managers make good decisions through good communication skills alerting their managers to any problems or opportunities as soon as possible and taking full responsibility to make sure that communication takes place.

Managers live with the same time pressures team leaders do, so any time spent with managers must be focused on giving them the information they need to support problem solving and decision-making.


Participants completing Communicating Up will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of framing all communication with managers in terms of their self-interest.
  • Enter meetings with managers armed with a well-thought-out and clearly-stated objective.
  • Work with their managers to uncover any questions or reservations they may have concerning the message.
  • Move conversations toward agreement using questions that focus on benefits to be gained when the objective is reached.
  • Clearly and concisely restate the decisions that result from communicating with their managers and ensure that those decisions are mutually understood.

Model: CELEAD0303-02
Price: $63.00 + GST

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