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Developing Performance Goals and Standards

Setting smart goals helps people shape smart plans

Developing Performance Goals and Standards enables your team leaders is the key to developing an effective team, and the key to an effective team is participation. When people participate in setting goals and developing a plan, they buy into that plan, and the plan then becomes their own.

An important part of a manager’s role is to encourage team members to develop effective performance goals and to commit to those goals on a daily basis.

This program provides the tools to align the individual with the performance requirements of the organization. It will help managers build a more effective process for goal creation, clear work standards, and better job performance.



Participants completing Developing Performance Goals and Standards will be able to

  • Define goals, objectives, and performance standards
  • Identify and set performance standards that are specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and time-framed, using concrete, active language.
  • Establish time limits for all performance standards.
  • Involve team members in creating their own individual performance standards.
  • Negotiate with team members to develop effective S.M.A.R.T.-based performance standards.
  • Monitor team members’ progress toward their goals by holding individual review meetings.

Offered in Classroom, On-line, or Blended Formats.
Classroom Time: 4 hours
On-line Time: 2 hours


Training Options

With most programs in Vital Learning’s Leadership Development series, you have three delivery options:

  • Purchase the facilitator kits and teach the modules yourself
  • Hire SEA Consulting to provide on-site training
  • Train your supervisors using the on-line seminars

Please contact Nelson Scott to determine which training option is best for you.


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