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Developing and Coaching Others

Ensure development occurs and becomes improved on-the-job performance

Developing and Coaching Others demonstrates that managers and supervisors, the people who make the decisions about who gets trained on what, who is assigned to what responsibility, and who will serve on what special project team, are the KEY to successful growth and development of employees.

The program provides managers with the tools necessary to help them learn how to effectively lead the develop of others, successfully handle “coaching moments” in ways that change behaviour and impact on the performance of their team members by coaching and supporting learners effectively before, during, and after learning experiences.



Participants completing Developing and Coaching Others will be able to

  • Effectively lead the ongoing development of their team in order to continuously build the capability of each member.
  • Successfully handle “coaching moments” in a manner that ensures improved performance on-the-job.
  • Significantly impact on the job performance by being committed and knowing how to coach and support team members through and beyond a learning process.

Offered in Classroom Only.
Classroom Time: 4 hours


Training Options

With most programs in Vital Learning’s Leadership Development series, you have three delivery options:

  • Purchase the facilitator kits and teach the modules yourself
  • Hire SEA Consulting to provide on-site training
  • Train your supervisors using the on-line seminars

Please contact Nelson Scott to determine which training option is best for you.


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