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A restaurant manager who made first-time visitors feel special

Satisfactory customer service is seldom memorable. What is memorable is poor service and service that goes the extra mile. Sometimes it only takes a small gesture to change a routine customer service experience into one we will recall months later, we will tell others about and will cause us to become repeat customers. Those who do those little extras are truly Service Stars.

All organizations should be motivated to keep customers coming back because these people are the base of their success.  The best place to begin is by making customers feel welcome when they first visit.

While in Nashville, we stopped for a quick meal at a Cracker Barrel restaurant near our hotel.  A friendly hostess showed us to our table.

A waitress took our order and shortly thereafter delivered our meals to our table.  Soon afterwards, when she asked how everything was, we replied that everything was fine.

As we waited for the bill to arrive, manager Lynn Baggott stopped by our table.  “How was everything?”  We replied that everything had been fine.

“Are you from around here?” he continued.  We replied we were in town for a convention.  From Canada, we added.

Lynn wondered whether there were any Cracker Barrel restaurants in Canada.  I wasn’t any help.  I hadn’t known that his restaurant was part of a chain.  This was our first time in a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Upon hearing this, Lynn announced that all first time visitors were entitled to a dessert on the house.  Not one ever to pass up a free dessert, I took a quick look at the menu and ordered the apple dumpling...with ice cream.

After this experience, I was reminded of how Lynn had made me feel welcome whenever I saw a Cracker Barrel sign.  This is the type of memory we should all want to create whenever we deal with a customer.


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