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One of the joys of presenting seminars is the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds with a variety of experiences. I have found that by listening to their comments and questions, I am able to learn and grow. There is much wisdom to be shared with others.

Understanding the value of first impressions

“ER is PR,” Val Grainger observed part way through Spirit of Excellence, a patient relations and customer service training program. At the time this program was being offered at the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre Val was the head nurse in the Emergency Department.

What wisdom in so few words. For many newcomers, their first contact with the local medical community comes from a visit to the Emergency Room with a sick child or after sustaining and minor (or major) injury. How they are treated and how they are made to feel creates a powerful first impression not only of the Emergency Room staff, but of the entire hospital and the rest of the medical community. Based on their experience with the few doctors and nurses they meet during their Emergency Room visits, newcomers will make judgments about medical services in the new community. First impressions are lasting impressions.


Nelson Scott offers several Customer Service Presentations, including Customer Service MAGIC: Changing Complainers into Loyal Customers; What Your Mother Taught You About Customer Service and other Training Resources developed by Service Quality Institute and the Vital Learning Corporation.


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