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Think “MAIL”

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, e-mail and voice mail are a ubiquitous feature of modern life. We have to live with them so we might as well make them work. The key to doing so is to remember that the word “mail” is there for a reason.

Think of the messages we send electronically or leave when someone is either “on the line or has stepped away from the phone for a moment” as you would a letter you would put in an envelop and mail to someone. If you had to attach a 48¢ stamp to your message before you sent it, would you . . .

  • Write “Hi Joe. Call me! Jim”?
  • Copy your letter to 12 other people, most of whom would have little or no interest in what you have written?
  • Forward something you had received to several other people?
  • Send the same message to everyone in the

If we think “mail,” we will leave a complete voice mail message that requests or supplies information, which will prepare Joe to return our call. We won’t stuff the electronic mailboxes of our friends and colleagues with messages that require them to spend valuable time opening and reviewing material that is of questionable value to them.


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