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A prescription for setting priorities

One of the joys of presenting seminars is the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds with a variety of experiences. I have found that by listening to their comments and questions, I am able to learn and grow. There is much wisdom to be shared with others.

John Seim, a family practitioner who attended our Interview Right to Hire Right seminar in Fort McMurray in March 2002, shared the 3 Ps that guide his staff in setting service priorities:

Patients - The person who comes into the clinic is always the top priority. The customer who take the time to come to you should be served first.

Phone - The caller is never more important that the customer who is there in person. Allow the call to go to voice mail, or better yet, arrange with a co-worker to answer your call while you are serving a customer. Deal with the caller as soon as you have dealt with the customer who is there in person.

Paperwork - Some things should be done after you have dealt with customers, whether in person or on the telephone. Paperwork can wait; the customer never should.


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