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A prescription for setting priorities
A family doctor’s advice to his staff on how to set priorities.

Mapping out 2003 for a more balanced life
A strategy developed by a formerly Edmonton-based (now BC-based) speaker and consultant, Wayne Cotton, for gaining more control over your time with the use of an Annual Roadmap™ and the 90-Day Wonder™  (Note:  current calendars are available on Wayne’s website).

Preventing harassment in the workplace
An overview of what harassment is and how business should respond to complaints from employees, by consultant Sushila Samy.

Communication occurs best at “Ground Level”
In Overcoming Resistance, Jerald Jellison compares the vague, general words often used when trying to communicate with others to what is seen when looking out an airplane window at 40,000 feet – no detail.  We should communicate closer to “ground level”, using specific, easy-to-understand words.

Think “Mail”
The next time you are about to leave a voice mail message or copy an e-mail to several people ask yourself: “Would I buy a stamp to send this message through the post office?”

Municipality commits to act before conducting staff survey
Before conducting a staff attitude survey, have a plan in mind for how you will use the results.

Maintaining a focus on Professional Development goals
Here is a low-tech technique to keep track of team members’ goals and ensure that progress is monitored on an ongoing basis.

Before writing survey questions ask the target audience what they want to talk about
If it is important that people respond to surveys, it is important that the surveys ask about things that are important to those who will be responding.


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